Beatnik - The Sound Station Chair

Beatnik - The Sound Station Chair

Designing tranquillity for busy open spaces

A visual and sound isolating room within a room, providing comfort, relaxation, privacy, and digital connectivity in busy open-plan spaces.





The Challenge

Slovenian chair manufacturer Donar approached us in 2016 with an exciting vision for an acoustic chair. However, their initial prototypes quickly proved to be less than what they aspired for. We decided to take a few steps back and set a clear brief to start the design process from scratch. Our main goal was to develop a comfortable room-in-room space that provides a sensory getaway from crowded or noisy open spaces such as lobbies, offices and exhibition venues.

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We paid very close attention to the micro-environment inside the chair. Our creative process was guided by a set of feelings we aimed to provide for the user - a space to feel safe, relaxed, and isolated from busy surroundings. We wanted the outer silhouette to communicate this as well, bringing a very distinctive visual cue to the interior and standing out almost as a centrepiece.

By exploring various add-ons, we wanted to extend the experience from mere sitting to enjoying the music, video conferencing, checking e-mails, and more. In collaboration with a sound engeneer Aleš Dravinec, we strategically placed a set of speakers to create a spatial sound effect within a chair and implemented wireless technology for instant connectivity.

Prioritizing comfort, we designed a wider sitting area, with enough space to climb in with both feet and thus giving an option for a variety of sitting positions.

With a chair this big, it seemed like an obvious choice to construct it from panels, ensuring it could be carried through narrow corridors and doors while streamlining production with a single mold.

The outcomes

Beatnik found its place in various semi-private and public settings, giving overwhelmed visitors a chance to unplug and relax or do some quick work away from distractions.

* Product phototography by Nejc Lasič

Beatnik - The Sound Station Chair