Fischer - One & Two Kids’ Skiing Boots

Fischer - One & Two Kids’ Skiing Boots

Designing Comfort & Safety for Kids

Lightweight ski boots with extended waterproofing capabilities for an enjoyable experience on and off the Slopes.


Fischer Sports Gmbh



The Challenge

Skiing can be a great experience for kids, but existing ski boots on the market are often too heavy and difficult to use; they are merely scaled-down versions of adult boots. This compromises the comfort, safety, and fun of the skiing experience for children. Further, because kids spend most of their time off slopes playing in the snow, their footwear must provide extended waterproofing, so parents do not have to worry about wet and cold feet - leading to shortened outdoor playtime and an early return home.

To provide kids with an enjoyable experience on and off the slopes, we designed a ski boot to meet these challenges.

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Our Approach

Before developing this product, we conducted extensive user research, speaking with ski instructors and ski schools, shadowing families on their skiing days, and watching kids going about their day in the snow. Through this research process, we identified three major challenges: weight, independence, and waterproofing. With these challenges in mind, we designed a pair of ski boots that would address all three while providing a comfortable and safe experience.

To achieve this goal we focused on using lightweight materials that did not compromise safety or comfort while also providing extended waterproofing capabilities. We also designed an easy-to-put-on/take-off system for increased independence among younger skiers.

The Outcomes

Our user research and design process resulted in Fischer One & Two Ski Boots – designed specifically for kids aged 4-8 who want a comfortable yet safe skiing experience both on and off the slopes. The boots feature lightweight materials that reduce tiredness during long days out in snowy conditions and enhance waterproof capabilities, meaning parents don’t have to worry about wet feet or early returns home from cold weather-induced discomfort.

Additionally, due to its easy putting-on/taking-off system, younger skiers can take control of their footwear, allowing them greater independence than ever before while skiing safely with their peers.

Fischer - One & Two Kids’ Skiing Boots