About Us

We specialise in designing products, services, brands and spaces driven by innovation and user-centricity. Our team of experts is passionate about helping forward-thinking businesses realise their vision through creative problem-solving. With a focus on clarity and efficiency, we strive to deliver the best results for our clients.

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Welcome to Sito

Our studio has evolved out of the industrial design department of what used to be the largest independent multi-disciplinary design studio in Slovenia (Gigodesign). Having been active in the design field for over two decades, our circle of highly loyal customers is extensive and varied – we collaborate with them as a reliable provider of high-end design services.

We distinguish ourselves by an open mindset and a deep understanding of the client's wishes. Our experience comprises a couple of decades of managing product cycles, introducing products to the market, and delivering improvements. Our reputation is one of a reliable design partner because of our holistic overview of the product and service development field, together with extensive knowledge and a web of valuable contacts. Together with our customers, we shape a safe and constructive development context for addressing the biggest of challenges.

Who we are

Luka Stepan portrait
Luka Stepan, MA (RCA)
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Founder / Principal
Andraz Sapec portrait
Andraž Šapec
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Lead Product Designer
Jon Schwarzmann portrait
Jon Schwarzmann
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Product Designer
Tino Duralija portrait
Tino Duralija
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Product Designer
Matjaz Poredos portrait
Matjaž Poredoš
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Mid Product Designer
Deja Kofol portrait
Deja Kofol
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Design Researcher
Natasa Arko portrait
Nataša Arko
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Head of Client Services
Mojca Dezman portrait
Mojca Dežman
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Studio Manager

Who are our clients

We collaborate with diverse local and international customers from various industries. They all share an assertive mindset – led by ambitious management, which is, together with technological innovations, directed towards introducing continual organisational improvements.

Many companies stepped out of their family framework and developed international recognition of niche specialists who are now being followed with interest by the largest corporations. From production-oriented, our customers have evolved into customer-driven companies, several of which have received notable awards for design excellence.

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We have won more than 140 of important design and innovation awards with our clients.


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More about were we're from

At our design studio based in Slovenia, we offer a unique blend of creativity and expertise.

Our location in this Central European country, surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, provides a rich cultural influence that enriches our work. In addition to our design skills, being situated in Slovenia has its own benefits. From the stunning natural scenery of the Julian Alps and Soča Valley to the vibrant cultural scene of the capital city, Ljubljana, our team is never short of inspiration. Slovenia is also known for its ski resorts and wine production, offering opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Working with us means not only receiving the best design services, but also the opportunity to experience the unique charm and beauty of Slovenia.

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