We tailor our services to lower your product development and consumer adoption uncertainties. Our comprehensive design research and user testing process make sure that our solutions are well-received in the market and meet users' needs. We mitigate technical challenges, ensure that solutions integrate seamlessly with existing technology and deliver on all promised features.

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A firm footing for new product development

We help you identify solid foundations for new product and service development. This involves thorough market research, exploring emerging trends, and gathering valuable customer insights. Understanding your target audience and their pain-points uncovers hidden needs and desires for innovative solutions that resonate with your customers. These foundations ensure your endeavours align with market demands and business goals.

  • Project discovery workshops
  • Research planning and recruitment
  • Desktop research (secondary sources, similar industries)
  • User & stakeholder research
  • Data mining
  • In-context interviews
  • Shadowing
  • User diaries
  • User safaris

Actionable projects require collaboration

Transforming insights into actionable projects requires collaboration with all business stakeholders. We can refine and prioritise project ideas by involving key departments, such as marketing, engineering, and finance. This inclusive approach enhances idea quality and ensures alignment with the overall business strategy. Engaging stakeholders throughout build ownership and commitment, facilitating smoother execution.

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Innovation management workshops
  • Materiality assessment
  • Customer journeys
  • Customer experience (CX) design
  • Portfolio & roadmap strategy
  • Sustainability (green transformation) strategy
  • Business (model) design

Developing validated solutions

We ensure solutions meet user needs and expectations through mock-ups, user testing and prototyping. Iterating designs based on feedback increases the likelihood of creating resonating products and services. Emphasising user-centricity and continuous improvement mitigates the risk of launching solutions that fail to deliver value.

  • Concept development & validation
  • Sustainabile product development assessment
  • Virtual / Digital prototypes
  • User testing
  • Service design
  • UX & UI design
  • Industrial design
  • Packaging design
  • Interior design
  • Retail design

Transforming validated solutions into well-crafted products and services

We develop validated proposals into end products or solutions that people embrace and love to use. By leveraging insights and refining designs, we create a compelling user experience. Collaboration with development teams ensures successful implementation. Combining technical expertise with user-centred design principles creates intuitive and delightful solutions that drive customer satisfaction and business success.

  • Prototyping and mock-ups
  • Pre-engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Design-to-manufacture (DFM)
  • Manufacturing support
  • Sourcing support

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