Optomotive - Velociraptor

Optomotive - Velociraptor

A meta-design project

Optomotive reaches new design horizons with a flexible, parametric digital design model tailored to rapidly evolving image processing technology and custom applications.





The Challenge

Optomotive designs and manufactures cutting-edge, high-performance cameras. However, existing design methods and tools needed more flexibility to produce visually cohesive products that could meet the rapidly evolving image processing technology and custom applications. The company needed a flexible model to deliver a robust design system that would survive all the dimensional and feature configurations and integrate extreme technology and heat dissipation requirements.

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Our Approach

To address Optomotive’s needs, we developed a custom design model based on parametric 3D CAD software, which provided all the features of Optomotives own design language, including mounting, custom heatsink design, assembly, ... To ensure that the model could robustly handle all kinds of dimensional and feature configurations and effectively manage extreme requirements for technology integration and heat dissipation, we incorporated numerous technical considerations into our approach. We used multiple FEA simulations to determine optimal cooling strategies. We also designed complex mathematical equations to accurately calculate multiple dependent parameters based on different-size housings.

The Outcomes

The result was a highly efficient design solution that met all Optomotive’s requirements while remaining within its budget constraints. Our custom digital design model allowed Optomotive to rapidly develop new product lines with varying sizes, components, shapes and performance capabilities to meet their customers' changing needs.

Design Protocol

By incorporating advanced engineering techniques such as dynamic thermal simulations (for heat management) and creating complex mathematical equations for parametrisation, we provided a product design solution that allowed Optomotive to quickly develop innovative products tailored to each customer requirement.

Optomotive - Velociraptor