Kinestica - Bimeo PRO

Kinestica - Bimeo PRO

Helping stroke patients

Designed to help stroke patients regain their physical abilities. Through advanced technologies it enables users to monitor and track their progress simply and intuitively.





The Challenge

Kinestica, a leading provider of rehabilitation technologies for stroke patients, needed a new product to help its customers achieve better outcomes. The company was looking for an innovative solution to help them reach their goals in the industry and make their services more accessible to those in need. Bimeo PRO was the answer they sought—a device that would streamline the physical therapy process and improve patient engagement. The primary challenge facing Kinestica was developing an intuitive system that both therapists and patients could use. It had to be easy to use and engaging, providing users with engaging content, real-time feedback tracking, and personalised exercise plans. It must also be accessible on any device without additional software or hardware requirements.

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Our Approach

To meet these goals, Kinestica partnered with Sito to develop Bimeo PRO. The development team set out to design a user-friendly experience that enabled therapists and patients to understand and use the platform’s features quickly. This included creating an interface that was visually appealing yet simple enough to navigate without assistance. The Kinestica team developed a comprehensive library of educational materials explicitly tailored for stroke rehabilitation therapy—including videos, articles, animations, and interactive quizzes—providing users with detailed information about anatomy, pharmacology, and injury prevention strategies. Furthermore, they created custom tools such as goal-tracking dashboards and progress graphs, allowing users to measure their progress over time.

The Outcomes

This collaboration resulted in a user-friendly device designed specifically for rehabilitation therapy following stroke events or other brain injuries. Bimeo PRO enables therapists to provide personalised treatment plans based on each patient's needs while helping them stay engaged in recovery through dynamic visuals like real-time feedback tracking dashboards and interactive quizzes.

Ultimately, this tool helps increase therapist effectiveness while enabling patients to stay more engaged in their recovery journey thanks to enhanced digital support from anywhere at any time during their treatment plan duration.

To complement their freshly updated product lineup, we also crafted a distinct brand identity.

Kinestica - Bimeo PRO