Kronoterm - Adapt

Kronoterm - Adapt

New design language for a new leader

Sito developed a new design language for Kronoterm, focused on creating an architectural form that fits the product's intended context while also streamlining manufacturing and offering easy installation.





The Challenge

Kronoterm needed a new design language for their latest generation of heat pumps, one that would communicate the product's features, fit its intended context, and streamline manufacturing. They also wanted a result that was easy for installers to manoeuvre, assemble and install. These conflicting requirements presented an interesting challenge for Sito.

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Our Approach

Sito approached the visual aspect of this design language with reductionism in mind, wanting to create an architectural impact from the necessary components that were both minimalistic yet distinct.

This approach didn't just stop at the aesthetics; we also had to consider how easily each component could be installed and assembled by the installer. As such, we carefully crafted every element to ensure optimal usability as well as attractive visuals.

The Outcomes

The result is a streamlined design language that meets all of Kronoterm's needs while addressing the major issues faced during the installation process. The components are designed with precision and accuracy so they can be installed quickly and easily. Furthermore, each component features a modern aesthetic that works well in any setting while remaining distinct enough to stand out from other similar products on the market.

Kronoterm - Adapt