Adria Mobil - Mode Minivan

Adria Mobil - Mode Minivan

Personal vehicle meets travel van

Dual-purpose vehicle that caters to users seeking a recreational vehicle travel experience without investing in an additional means of transportation.


Adria Mobil



The Challenge

The project was kickstarted by a trend emphasised by the pandemic times, as people increasingly searched for personalised, unrestricted travel experiences without wanting to commit to owning a motorhome.

The challenge was to offer a product that could serve as a regular means of transportation during the week but quickly transform into a vacation vehicle for four people on the weekends. The Citroen Space Tourer, with a body length under 5 m, emerged as the ideal base vehicle for this innovative concept.

Our key focus was on developing a solution that was modular, simple, lightweight, and easy to install, providing a competitive edge over existing solutions that relied on cumbersome wooden elements requiring multiple individuals for relocation.

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Our Approach

Challenges in the supply chain prompted the project to start with a life-size cardboard model in 2021, offering insights into interior volumes and the unique irregular shapes. Utilising rapid mock-up techniques and engaging in user experience testing, we explored various scenarios, floor plans, and equipment sizes.

The Outcomes

Embracing the belief in modular solutions facilitating diverse scenarios, simplified production, and a cohesive aesthetic, the design incorporated uniform-sized modules, each serving a specific function, while being stackable and adaptable. Modules included a sink, refrigerator, portable toilet, and additional storage. Complementary features like a pop-top roof bed and side textile bags make Mode adaptable to diverse situations.

This modular approach contributed to Adria's creation of a design-integrated solution that is easily portable, and adaptable - it empowers users to equip the interior according to their preferences, and proves useful outside the van too.

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Adria Mobil - Mode Minivan