Committed to green

As designers, we are committed to employing our skills and know-how towards achieving global sustainable goals. Our vision is to make green transformation user-friendly for both companies and users.

We help organisations at all stages of their transition. Together we research environmental impacts and opportunities, set strategies, and deliver sustainable, human-centric, and innovative solutions to the market.

How can we help your organisation with the green transformation?

To make your green transformation manageable, we have developed a proprietary step-by-step framework that breaks down the process into achievable bits. This enables us to provide support at any stage of your transition, whether you are creating your first sustainability strategy or delivering sustainable solutions to the market that align with your goals and targets.

Set your vision

By understanding your existing (negative and positive) impacts, stakeholders' expectations and industry trends, you can build a vision that will differentiate you from the competition and help you invest resources into creating a meaningful change for your company, customers and the world.

How do we make it easier?
We help you by researching your stakeholders' needs and desires and benchmarking sustainability trends in your industry. We bring your team together to start interdisciplinary collaboration and pick suitable material topics.

Goal: Material matrix and Material topics

Build a strategy to achieve your goals

This may be the hardest step of green transformation, but setting targets, success indicators and actionable steps to fulfil your promises can turn reporting from an accounting nightmare to a business advantage and improve customer perception of your brand and company.

How do we make it easier?
We combine your company's internal know-how and use it to develop creative yet feasible ideas to move towards your set goals.

Goal: Sustainability strategy with a project timeline

Deliver change

Develop products and services in line with your sustainability targets. Support customers using your solutions simply and sustainably and lower your company's indirect environmental impact even further.

How do we make it easier?
We can help you understand your customer's needs and desires through different research approaches. We develop, test and help you industrialise or implement new solutions.

Goal: New (or updated) products, services and business models in line with your sustainability strategy

Measure your success and communicate it

Control your progress, track data and prepare your non-financial report. Shape your communications to target your customers, and make your environmental and social impact tangible and transparent to avoid greenwashing.

Goal: Sustainability report

Our services

We combine a set of services, specific to the needs of your green transformation. These might include:

  • Materiality assessment
  • Green transformation strategy
  • Circular product design (+BM in UX)
  • Eco-design principles in line with your sustainability targets

Contact us to get started:

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The sustainability strategy workshops have produced so much useful content that we can spend a couple of years creating solutions from it. Great work. Sito is a partner who listens, builds on and surprises in a good way.

Nika Furlan, Head of marketing,
Intra Lighting

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And what about our impact?

Our green mission is to become experts in the field of sustainable design in order to support, educate and encourage clients towards developing innovative sustainable solutions and business models.

Each year we invest around 5% of our time towards educating ourselves and gaining skills in the field of sustainability, so we can make green transformation easier for you.

In the meantime we are on our way to becoming a more socially and environmentally responsible organisation ourselves. In 2022 we embarked on B Corporation certification, demonstrating our commitment to upholding high ethical standards and making a positive impact on both the society and environment.

In addition we have implemented various programs to further promote sustainability within our company. We are working towards digitizing our processes and going paperless, reducing the amount of business travel and employee comute, and lowering our energy consumption. We take good care of each other as a team and donate 1% of our annual profit to different organisations focused on environmental preservation and wellbeing of socially vulnerable children and youth.

In today’s ever-changing world, sustainability is an essential part of any successful business model. At Sito, we strive to make sure that we remain proactive in this arena while continuing to conduct ourselves ethically with respect for the planet.