Adria mobil - Aviva Lite

Adria mobil - Aviva Lite

A lightweight caravan for experience seeking families

By focusing on the expectations of a new generation of caravaners, we developed a fresh and bold product for the entry price segment—a caravan that is lightweight yet uncompromising in user experience.


Adria Mobil



The Challenge

Weight reduction is a constant goal in the caravanning industry, and the rise of electric vehicles makes this need more pressing. However, there is a lack of truly desirable, functional solutions in the light, small caravan segment. Years of continuous user research conducted with Adria Mobil's customers have given us the insight to envision an affordable caravan that doesn't compromise on user needs, yet weights less than 750 kg. This weight goal is very ambitious and crucially impacts the price and simplicity of caravan ownership.

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Our Approach

The design brief centred on three key criteria: lightness, affordability, and usability. Balancing these criteria while ensuring a desirable and feasible outcome, required a focus on a very niche market segment - a young family of 4, appreciating caravanning for the experience, and unencumbered by a traditional caravan appearance or features. By focusing on the vacation experiences families in this segment truly value, we crafted a product that enhances their adventures, reducing all features they find unnecessary.

The Outcomes

In contrast to typical caravans, the interior doesn’t suggest that it could match the comfort of a home, we were intentional in designing a more specialised environment for our users preferred vacation style and activities. For instance, storage units don’t mimic wooden closets, but rather combine the functions of a travel bag or a storage box and a wardrobe. In this way we simplified packing and made quick weekend getaways more manageable for busy parents.

Knowing, that buyers in this segment mostly camp in locations with electrical infrastructure, gave us a unique advantage to confidently remove gas installation - making the caravan much lighter and more sustainable. Instead we anticipated the use of small, portable devices that are more adaptable to the needs in diverse vacation situations. For example, a movable stove allows users to cook outside and stay connected to nature and family, transforming this routine task into an enjoyable part of their adventure. This approach also offers users the flexibility to carry a small heater only when necessary and opt for a gas burner if they plan to camp off grid.

The adaptable furniture maximises space usability, allowing the caravan to transform based on the stage of the vacation. Whether transporting sports equipment, creating a space for daily activities, or setting up for sleep, the furniture adapts seamlessly. This flexibility enhances functionality and allows users to reduce storage space according to each trip’s needs, further reducing weight when possible.

Aviva Lite is not just a scaled down caravan, with lighter materials. It uses never seen before solutions to reduce weight through shape and reinvention of functionalities. These pose a risk in market adoption, therefore we decided to validate the product with target users to ensure a successful product launch. During this additional phase, we gathered insights from our target segment to refine marketing communications, test product features and define opportunities of a product range. Stay tuned for a detailed overview of the validation process.

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Adria mobil - Aviva Lite