Krpan - Winch Remote Control Unit

Krpan - Winch Remote Control Unit

Designing for safety: an ergonomic winch remote control

We helped Krpan develop a remote control that prioritises work safety, comfortable use and simplifies manufacturing.


Pišek Vitli Krpan



The challenge

Our primary objective was to develop an ergonomic remote control unit that enhances safety and ease of use. In addition to ensuring good visibility and clarity of infographics, we focused on creating a comfortable grip and ensuring easy button accessibility, accommodating both left and right-handed users, with special attention given to usability while wearing protective gloves. In addition to user benefits, our design also prioritized in-house manufacturing and simplification of production for various remote variants.

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Our approach

We kicked off the project by closely observing professionals using winches in real forest conditions to gain insight into desired outcomes. Countless mock-ups and models were created and tested to ensure that the remote control unit fit comfortably in a gloved worker's hand and was intuitive to navigate. Through iterative processes, we fine-tuned button placement, infographics, and casing design.

The Outcomes

With a focus on safe usage, we extended the top area of the remote unit to prevent accidental activation of buttons or switches when dropped or pressed from the side. Tampered edges provide a comfortable grip, and buttons are conveniently located where the user's control finger naturally rests.

The casing was designed to offer resilience against impacts and dirt while visually complementing Krpan’s existing design language. An integrated magnet and an oblique bottom surface allow the device to be easily attached to and removed from a metal surface.

Furthermore, we considered the manufacturing process and identified opportunities for small improvements to ensure easy disassembly and repairability. The upper casing can accommodate a range of inserts for the plastic injection mold, ensuring the standardisation of different models of the remote.

Krpan - Winch Remote Control Unit