Leis - A kitchenware set

Leis - A kitchenware set

Contemporary kitchenware presenting Slovenian artisanship

Reviving the centuries-old Slovenian woodcraft tradition called ‘suha roba’ with a set of modern kitchen utensils.





How it all began

Leis was a startup project we developed back in 2012. We aimed to pay homage to the skills and materials of our cultural and geographic space, elevating them through a contemporary product suitable for the everyday modern lifestyle.

From scratch, we developed the product, its brand, packaging, and found a suitable manufacturer who could bring our idea to life.

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The product

The first product of the Leis family is a three-piece kitchenware set consisting of a fork, spoon, and spatula. Combining tradition with a contemporary approach to product development, it showcases the skills of local craftsmanship through a minimalist form, with a focus on usability in a modern-day kitchen setting. It features an integrated magnet for easy storage, lifted ends to prevent smearing, and a curved shape ensuring an easy and secure hold.

Lessons learned

This project not only offered the opportunity for experimenting with materials and forms but also gave us the chance to lead the go-to-market strategy - a phase in product development we usually miss when partnering with an established brand. This firsthand experience provided us with new perspectives and insights into building partnerships, distribution channels, and presenting products to clients. It was one of the valuable lessons that made us more empathetic toward this phase in all future projects, allowing us to better support our clients.

Designed, developed, sourced, and handcrafted within a 30 km radius, made exclusively from locally-sourced beechwood, this product promotes a sustainable, fair-trade business model. Today, Leis is as a standalone company, check out their online store.

Leis - A kitchenware set