Sipaboards - Electric Paddle Board

Sipaboards - Electric Paddle Board

Small improvements for an exceptional paddle board experience

With small inputs we elevated the visual identity and usability of paddle boards - improving user interaction and brand recognition.





Extending the focus of the user experience

Our main contribution to the project was extending the focus to the whole supping experience including the actions surrounding the activity itself; from the assembling process to carrying and folding of a deflated SUP board.

Our approach prioritised functionality, ensuring that every design element served a practical purpose rather than merely serving decorative intent. For instance, foam gaps were  positioned precisely on the numbered folds to ease folding.

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Thorough validation of mock-ups

To address these challenges, we observed the users, collecting feedback and insights. Three innovative design proposals were fine tuned through mock-ups, prototypes and testing, ensuring a simple yet impactful final solution.

Experience and brand elevating solution

Our journey resulted in an innovative concept of incorporating attachments; enabling easy carrying of the sup with the help of the paddle, and fixing bags or other equipment to the surface. We put extra attention to handling of the paddle-board while wearing protective gloves, mounting of the electric motor and intuitive folding of the SUP.

Simultaneously, the brand identity was reimagined to provide immediate clarity about the product. Every point of interaction with the product is emphasised with brand accent colour. This focal touchpoint carries essential information - making usage more straightforward.

Attention to detail

Drawing inspiration from the specific appearance of e-mobility in sports, the design sought to stand out within this niche. A key objective was to cultivate a more subdued and sophisticated sporting aesthetic, departing from the bold and vibrant norm. We made sure every detail is reflecting our commitment to a refined and durable product, from bevelled Eva foam edges to anti-slip textures.

Sipaboards - Electric Paddle Board