Intuido - Digital Design Research Tool

Intuido - Digital Design Research Tool

Clearing Up the Fuzzy Front-End of Early Innovation

Our experience conducting design research resulted in a simple digital tool, designed specifically to speed up, enhance and simplify early innovation processes.





Dispersed nature of early innovation efforts

During the past twenty years of collaborating with our clients on various design innovation projects, we have been witnessing plenty of issues that obstructed the optimal project outcome in the early innovation stage. We have noticed that there were lots of overly dispersed, uncontrolled processes which resulted in untraceable insights that were impossible to be compared with one another and evenly evaluated. Teams lacked sufficient clarity and self-initiative, while project managers struggled with getting to the core of the multitude of unstructured data and meeting the deadlines with a sense of achievement.

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Using Intuido, we were able to collect more than 300 insights in just 2 weeks, providing us with a better understanding of our users, their experiences and needs. The tool also enabled us to create organised and well-structured innovation guidelines that will help shape the development of our products and services in the future.

Matija Torlak, Creative Director

Plastika Skaza

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Bringing structure into internal processes

When we started carrying out our own design research projects we encountered similar obstacles – yet, relying on our experience, we were determined to turn them into opportunities for improvement. The core of our design research being individual insights, we found ourselves overwhelmed by an unorganized insight collection process. We were to develop a solution for gathering the maximum number of insights in a structured way that would lead us to easily discernible innovation directions.

The idea was to digitise the early innovation process to make it traceable and more manageable for both, the team contributing insights, project owners and innovation managers leading the projects. We focused on developing three main benefits – keeping visual consistency of insights, activating the research team’s potential, and offering guidance. This is how the internally developed pilot version of our digital design research tool was born. The success of the first trials with our existing customers JUB, Seascape and Skaza proved that our concept indeed had a much wider appeal.

A simple tool with numerous benefits

With Intuido we introduced a seamless early innovation process, while unlocking the innovative potential of the research team; in fact, any customer, user, partner, or employee could now turn into an effective researcher overnight. Intuido enables project owners to set up a research project remotely, invite their team to submit insights, and then review and cluster the submitted insights into groups, according to the project’s aim. The grouped insights serve as the basis for innovation directions and can later be expanded into innovation opportunities – a stage that is currently run during workshops and will be supported in later versions of the tool.

The tool allows for a smooth introduction of early innovation processes, while at the same time educating your team to detect, collect and analyse valuable insights. It enables users to discover the unmet needs of customers, business partners and other stakeholders. By bringing time-efficiency and structure into unclear innovation processes, the tool not only makes researching clearer and more practical but also contributes to de-risking decision-making in the long run.

Intuido is indispensable for innovation-driven companies in competitive industries pressured to make regular and frequent innovation efforts. It is the tool of choice for ambitious organizations and businesses looking to integrate or further optimise innovation management processes while breaking down silos and ensuring multidisciplinary collaboration and future-proving their activities.  

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Intuido - Digital Design Research Tool