Adria Home - XLine

Adria Home - XLine

A high-end holiday experience on 40 square meters

A mobile house that fosters fulfilling joyful holiday moments, and combines the comforts of home living with a luxurious ambiance of a prestigious design hotel.


Adria Home



The Challenge

In the midst of pandemic times we helped Adria Home take the next step in the evolution of high-end holiday accommodation. Our main goal was to create a luxurious holiday experience while developing furniture modules that offer various layout options.

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Our Approach

We tackled this challenge by focusing on user scenarios and preferred holiday activities rather than just interior features. Our approach centred on the subtle emotional aspects of living spaces, allowing us to highlight the right interior elements to foster joy, tranquility, indulgence, and connection - feelings people seek when going on vacation.

It was essential that the output catered to a variety of needs and adapted to users' changing roles throughout the day. This guiding principle led us to design an adaptable interior that facilitates a range of activities, from quiet relaxation and self-care to lively socialising, dining, and children's play.

The Outcomes

By going beyond conventional, static and single function solutions we were able to achieve a higher level of comfort in a limited space. We designed adaptable furniture to allow for a wider range of activities. Rather than traditional walls, we utilised storage units as space dividers, optimising space and material usage while providing ample storage in all rooms. These modular 'furniture blocks' also ensured better adjustability to different layout variations.

With it’s adaptability the mobile house supports users to continue their daily routines even on holiday or get a chance to try activities for which they otherwise don’t find enough time. While enjoying these moments at a level of comfort you would expect at home.

We've set a new standard of quality with the XLine, systematically paying attention to detail. Inside, you'll find a sleek and functional design featuring carefully placed lighting, rich colours, textures, and high-quality materials, ensuring a luxurious living experience.

We’ve also completely reimagined the XLine's exterior finish, offering a range of customisable options using natural materials that seamlessly blend with any environment. By incorporating panoramic, vertical and corner windows, we opened up the views from various spots, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior, all while maximizing natural light.

The layout design also enables smart and space-efficient campsite arrangements. When XLine houses are placed together, the space between them creates a separate and private garden for each unit.

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Adria Home - XLine