Seascape – First 24SE

Seascape – First 24SE

Cruiser-Racer Sailing: A New Take

In designing a new approach to the sailing experience, the speed and agility of racing boats encountered the comfort of leisure sailing.


Seascape, Slovenia



Bringing sailing closer to an average user

Seascape set out on a mission to fill in a niche in the sailboat market by combining the benefits of racing boats with the enhanced comfort of leisure sailing. Their concept, and our challenge, was to popularise a new sailing experience: fast and agile, but enjoyable also for non-racers seeking a pristine connection to nature.

Learning from past experience, the company knew that there existed a demand for smaller, simpler and more affordable sailboats that offered the escapades of the Seascape 18 with the additional comfort of a larger vessel. We were entrusted with designing the interior to create that specific symbiosis.

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Combining best of both worlds

Having previously worked with Seascape, our team faced the challenge of retaining key features of Seascape 27, while remaining within the weight and length constraints of the new 24-foot shell. With the interior stripped down to its bare essentials, we were to find the perfect balance between comfort and the excitement of sailing.

When selecting the main features, our focus was on ergonomics and clever use of space; a boat this size should offer comfortable indoor lounging and sleeping for up to 4 people; so we combined these two functions in a multifunctional lounge pit, complete with upholstered benches doubling as beds.

The seating arrangement mimics the experience of sitting around a fire, making use of the stairs and front bed as additional seating space. Alternatively, the interior can be completely stripped, serving as a wet space for sports events, such as regattas or day trips and the indoor table can be securely positioned in the cockpit for outdoor gatherings.

Great reception by a wide audience

The result is a boat ideal for adventurous inshore sailing. Lightweight, lithe and towable, it allows the crew to experiment and improve their sailing skills. The fully retractable swing keel makes the boat ideal for island hopping and exploring of secluded beaches. Premiering at the 2016 Boot Dusseldorf Fair, Seascape 24 surpassed expectations. Winner of most of the important industry awards the following year, it has been well received by sailing experts and enthusiasts alike.

Seascape – First 24SE