Skaza – Bokashi Organko 2

Skaza – Bokashi Organko 2

Next-generation kitchen composter

A challenge that saw Plastika Skaza’s sustainably inspired innovation go towards solving the household bio waste issue in a more aesthetic and intuitive way.


Plastika Skaza, Slovenia



Tackling the kitchen waste issue

Designing the next generation of BIO waste composters was the result of our collaboration with Plastika Skaza whose sustainably oriented innovation is focused on introducing new technologies that are friendly towards people, communities, and nature. Together we aimed to provide simple home composting for those environmentally aware users who don’t have their own garden and whose composting space is limited to their kitchen.

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A redefinition of composting

Our mission was to create an odour-free lifestyle product with simple, subtle aesthetics, suitable for various interiors and that users would proudly place on the kitchen counter. Through design research the task was approached from the perspective of the whole food preparation process, identifying the main pain points and thus redefining the composter concept.

The most powerful insights identified the main problems in manoeuvring organic waste, such as filling, emptying and cleaning the container, biogen dosing, waste compaction and fermentation liquid runoff. These insights informed several innovative solutions integrating multi-purpose elements, minimising odour, enabling better drainage, easy cleaning and transportation.

A lifestyle product

The final product implements smart functionalities including a multi-purpose lid that can be used both as a scraper and compactor, double containers for easy emptying and cleaning, and a convenient handle for effortless carrying. An airtight container ensures that the waste ferments instead of rotting, thus preventing unpleasant odour and producing beneficial organic fertiliser for watering plants and unclogging drains

BO2 is an award-winning kitchen composter made from recycled plastics that can fit nicely onto any kitchen counter. Not only did it receive the Red Dot Design Award (2019), but also the BigSEE Product Design Award (2019), and SOLUTIONS award at the leading international trade fair Ambiente in Frankfurt (2019). It helps reflect the users’ environmental values, strikes with its sophisticated form and impresses with its usefulness. Revised price strategy and increased production led Plastika Skaza to increase demand in sales, especially on the Scandinavian markets.

Skaza – Bokashi Organko 2