Intra Lighting - Sustainability strategy

Intra Lighting - Sustainability strategy

A Collaborative Journey Towards Intra Lighting's first Sustainability Strategy

Kickstarting Intra Lighting's green transformation by engaging internal and external stakeholders and identifying sustainable innovation opportunities in the luminaire market.


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A User-Friendly Approach to Sustainable Transformation

With the raised awareness about environmental and societal issues among customers and employees and a worldwide tightening of regulations, the pressure for green transformation of business is increasing. As a result, many companies are now striving to become more environmentally responsible. However, setting an achievable-yet meaningful sustainability strategy and putting it into action can be a challenging task. 

Intra Lighting is a global provider of architectural luminaires and smart lighting solutions. We know them as a proactive, visionary team of professionals, ambitious in everything they set their minds to. Their commitment to sustainability is no exception. Recognising the global trend and their responsibility, they contacted us in 2022 with a very exciting challenge of setting their first sustainability strategy.  

As designers, we focused on making the process as user friendly as possible, therefore we developed a process of bite-size steps that equips decision-makers with a deep understanding of stakeholders' needs and expectations. This new knowledge empowers them to set a meaningful, feasible and profitable sustainability focus. Our objective was to identify opportunities for sustainable innovation, convert them into tangible projects, and enhance the organization's internal knowledge of sustainability along the way.

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Sustainability has always held a significant place in Intra Lighting's values, with a lot to show for. However, it was an effort of individual employees, hidden under concepts of quality, modularity, and company culture. These efforts lacked consistent management, communication and understanding across the organization and beyond. The objective of our collaboration was to methodically establish a comprehensive sustainability strategy and next steps in our company's journey. The workshops produced so much useful content that we can use them to create solutions for a couple of years.

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The First Step of Strategy Development: Understanding the Baseline Condition

We invited heads of all departments in the company to participate in a workshop with the goal of scanning existing and potential negative and positive impacts of Intra Lighting. We kicked off the process by building a common understanding of sustainability as a combination of the Environmental, Social, and Economic impacts of a company. By using dedicated tools and guiding questions we led the team to a detailed overview of Intra’s starting point and opportunities for action in 21 different areas of sustainability.


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insights from Intra’s customers

Including Stakeholders' Expectations Will Bulletproof Your Strategy

By including internal and external stakeholders in the process of sustainable focus definition, we ensured a bottom-up approach and informed the decision-making process. We invited Intra’s customers and employees to participate by sharing their views of the company, their expectations, and pain points in the field of sustainability. By understanding stakeholders’ needs and brand views Intra gained insights that will shape their product development, and communications, ensure excellent working conditions and a customer-led strategy.

Setting Sustainable Goals Will Help You Navigate Your Sustainability Efforts

Finally, the company’s leadership and representatives of key departments came together to pick focus areas that will be impactful for environment and society and feasible for the company. Factoring in everything we learned in the process, we filled out the materiality matrix and picked three key areas where Intra can bring the most positive impact for the environment, local community, employees, and users while keeping in line with their business strategy and finding a unique offer in the lighting solutions market.

→ Read more about Intra’s journey in their sustainability report.

Intra Lighting - Sustainability strategy