Uncovering the Employees’ Unexpected Innovative Potential

The internal research brought more than 550 insights from contextual interviews and shadowings to improve the business partners’ user experience.





As one of the oldest wall paint manufacturers in the region, JUB from Dol pri Ljubljani has been building its presence on the market through different brands, developing sustainable, innovative solutions and adapting to the needs of its business partners. The company currently has a market share of 30% in Slovenia. The latter is largely dependent on the quality of experience business partners have with JUB. The company thus invests in the competencies of managing creative processes and design for recognising the needs and improving the user experiences.






Employees' insights

In order to track and explore the unaddressed needs of a diverse range of B2B business partners and uncover opportunities, JUB have reached out to Sito to carry out a research among a select B2B group: retailers and service providers on three most important markets. The research focused on the quality of experience in individual touchpoints, from the pre-purchase, purchase to post-purchase phase. The visualisation on the brand touchpoint matrix revealed the areas where JUB could enhance satisfaction, loyalty to and advocacy of the brand.

AMZS has a rich tradition, all the while being faced with fast changing mobility challenges. Flexibility, agility and innovation are all intertwined in our mission that we fulfil daily. To be successful, we grow and improve – as individuals, teams and group as a whole. In order to make our members, service users and business partners feel our mission, we decided to get in touch with Sito, which led us through many mind challenges and co-created a more efficient path on which we will devise new offer or upgrade the existing one.

Lucija Sajevec, CEO and Jaka Hrastnik, sales manager


The task was tackled with an extensive design research that predicted contextual interviews with JUB’s most important partners – several service providers (painters, plasterers, construction workers and others) and sellers of JUB’s product range in Slovenia and in the Czech Republic. To uncover the least evident, unconscious needs of service providers, shadowings were also carried out. Seven personas were formed out of several different user types, representing the basis for analysing the unaddressed used needs.

By determining the personas in retailer and service provider segments, their needs were established on the user journey where JUB could help them become more efficient. With the support of the leadership and strategic marketing departments, qualitative research was done, showing the experience with buyers of different employees within the company. With the help of a service blueprint and the Intuido research tool, 550 insights were gathered in just three weeks. They led to innovative opportunities that were evaluated and upgraded into project goals during a sales conference on short sprints.

The value of our collaboration lies primarily in the activation of internal knowledge during the JUB’s business partner user experience innovation stage. It pleasantly surprised the leadership and motivated it for the use of service innovation tools when designing customer journey experiences of three different user groups (retailers, service providers and final customers). Combined with other creative processes and methods, JUB is refining existing and developing new, user-centred solutions.