Encouraging the Internal Potential for Enhancing the User Experience

AMZS group faced a challenge to embark on the journey of improving user experience in a highly regulated industry.

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With over 500 employees, AMZS group has a rich offer of services. A web of experts, who operate in 30 AMZS centres across Slovenia, ensure the right condition of vehicles and relaxedness of drivers. At the heart of the group’s operation is the member – be it the existing or the potential member – and their user experience which influences the degree of satisfaction and loyalty. It is exactly the quality of user experience that can increase the competitive advantage on the highly regulated market of mobility service providers.

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The leadership has a favourable approach to solutions of fast and efficient user experience innovation, by which it increases the success in the fast-changing, highly competitive area. The need for developing new services, which would be more user-friendly and efficient, called for a definition of internal processes, by which the AMZS group could step closer to the user and create a more attractive, memorable experience. 

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A working group was formed at the beginning of our collaboration that was led through the process of service innovation in form of online and in-person workshops. Internal experts from different areas were equipped with the needed knowledge and tools for creating empathy for the user, structuring teamwork and empowering the group for facing challenges of the future. The objectivity of the process was ensured with parallel research that encompassed shadowing and interviews with the employees who are in frequent contact with the service users. The insights coming from this research challenged the team to check the current approaches and put themselves in the shoes of various user groups. 

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AMZS has a rich tradition, all the while being faced with fast changing mobility challenges. Flexibility, agility and innovation are all intertwined in our mission that we fulfil daily. To be successful, we grow and improve – as individuals, teams and group as a whole. In order to make our members, service users and business partners feel our mission, we decided to get in touch with Sito, which led us through many mind challenges and co-created a more efficient path on which we will devise new offer or upgrade the existing one.

Lucija Sajevec, CEO and Jaka Hrastnik, sales manager AMZS

The value of our collaboration was twofold; from a technical perspective, the result was the service blueprint which – besides illustrating the customer journey – also shows all of the behind-the-scenes processes. But besides that, a structure was set forth by which the AMZS’s team can detect the opportunities for improvements of internal processes and wider operations. The tools for further systematised use create a lasting value that will allow the AMZS group to easily, frequently and smoothly plan and implement service design innovations in future.